Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Writing: The Color Blue

 What was your favorite color when you were a child? Mine was Blue. Blue was a color that just made everything better for me. In a sense, everything that was Blue was superior in my eyes as a child. It ranged from clothes to objects to cars to anything you can imagine. If it was Blue, I would most definitely like it. If the food had Blue packaging I would want to have it. Blueberry muffins, pancakes, and other things were my preference. As I grew older that part of me faded away.

Starry Night Over the Rhone, Vincent Van Gogh. Musée d'Orsay.

One's favorite color was a nice ice breaker for a simple conversation. When you're becoming friends with another person, it's easy to ask what their favorite color is. Without thinking you could ask the question: "Why?" It is interesting to find out that the answer to why ones favorite color is what it is can vary from a very simple response like "because I like how it looks" to a whole story associated with the color or colors.

Blue things I own. Shirts.

That is one more point. There are so much colors available for us humans to see and yet we sometimes narrow them down to a few or just one as our favorite. Some people might even hate certain colors. I can relate in a way but it is still very confusing to me. I can barely choose a color as my favorite now and yet some people can like and dislike a color so easily.

Wool Bucket Hat and a Rain Jacket.

Ever since I lost favor for the color Blue, I was in some sort of color favoritism limbo. I couldn't pick what color was the best in my eyes. I began to ask myself what color should I believe will give me the most satisfaction. This only brought me to a conclusion that I can not pick only one color. At that point of my life I liked all colors. I would respond to the question of favoritism by saying that I liked all the colors and it is just in a way on how they are used, combined together and the occasion they are being used for. Of course the old ways of picking blueberry muffins and blue dyed food still lingered.

As of now I chose Navy Blue as my favorite color. It looks sturdy and elegant. It works well with a lot of the other colors. It is a remnant of my childhood's favorite color. I still like all of the colors when correctly used but it feels good to have arrived to a conclusive answer to my question.

Hats and other accessories.

So when you ask someone what their favorite color is, it will actually tell more about them than you think. It might tell you about things and people they love. It might tell you about how they see the world. It could also tell you that they just like Yellow.

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