Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Film: Akira (1988)

1988 Promotional Poster.
I have always wondered what the deal was with Akira and I was able to finally have time and sit down and watch the film.

I wondered why the film was so critically acclaimed and has a cult following. The film was also one of the reasons anime became more popular outside of Japan and is the source of inspiration for many works today.

The film's themes were very mature because it dealt with gang violence and social issues. The film portrayed the young characters in a way that they were used to all of the strife that was going on all around them. The film was also centered around politics and the lengths people would go to towards a positive future. The overall struggle was very complex because nothing was really clear-cut good or evil.

I would have to say that the animation was indeed superb and the character and setting designs were great. Considering the film was released for a little over 25 years ago, it has grasped a good perspective of a not too distant future.

I would recommend the film for those who like animated films because Akira delivered very human themes which would really make one think. There's not too much I can say without spoiling the film so thanks for reading!

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