Friday, May 30, 2014

First Person: I don't want to publish unmotivatedly written content.

Mircale Mile. An unrelated photo.
I don't want to force myself to publish a post when I just am not gonna have my whole attention out into it. I know you all understand. I'm not stopping, it's just that when ever I say to myself "maybe, I'll blog this" it just doesn't feel right. If you're wondering what I've been doing, I've been playing video games, watching anime, working, and enjoying my break from school.

Blogging was a way to have something in my life to be organized and orderly. I guess my life isn't all that confusing or a mess at this moment.

Sunday, May 4, 2014



The dawn of the Millennial Generation introduced a medium for communication that cannot be compared to any that came before it. The Internet as we all here in North America use it rampantly and is becoming, if not already, a necessity in modern American society.

This medium for sharing knowledge has become such an asset to our generation but it might make one think that it is not being used to its full potential due to the over-saturation of information available. Some might come to the conclusion that the greatest creation for human communication has amplified ignorance and laziness. False information distributed into the circulation of unimaginable ignorance or true information thrown into a fray of apathy.

The Internet was supposed to be a medium that would explode the world into elite thinking but the current generation shows otherwise. The RISING POWER has ceased.


Oligarchy | ol·i·gar·chy
Noun. A form of government in which all power is vested in a few persons or in a dominant class or clique; government by the few.

Complacency | com·pla·cen·cy
Noun. A feeling of smug or uncritical satisfaction with oneself or one's achievements.

You are thrown into a society now with some options but realistically, your options are to make money and spend it. It is true that we have many basic freedoms available to us today such as general wellness of the body. It is still restrictive though, how free we really are. Are your political interests really taken into account when you're too busy to look into a candidate and support them? What if you have to go to school and work and thus the little free time you have is devoted to little enjoyments because social action is often plagued by difficult issues that would cause more stress. How can you really rally for a cause when you have to get up early for work so you can feed yourself and your family perhaps.

This is the oligarchy in place, to an extent. It is not enforced in a way that is put so plainly but it has been somewhat loosely orchestrated to be that way from the beginning. Until you work yourself or a few generations that follow you, you are stuck in working and studying, spending and living. You might feel as if your voice will not be heard. You might feel as if social action won't matter if you're the only one who will start it. You might feel you have other priorities, the ones that are directly related to you and yourself only, come before the bigger picture. You might feel as if you might be the only one that will do the best thing for the good of everyone. Thinking that way is exactly why one might be living in a looped race track. Ignorance to current and important events and decisions that are affecting you can now be remedied by the fact that you are too busy trying to make money or maybe you have too much homework and exams on your plate.


What can I do then, when I look so powerless now? There is only one step for now, be more open-minded. Absorb information critically and deliver and provide it to others with an attempt to having no bias. Everyone is encourage to have their own beliefs and convictions but there is now a need for everyone to understand each other better. Once you think about how another person thinks and might feel about an issue, learn from the experience. Ask many questions and finally get rid of the mentality that young people don't care about important things too much. Make it known that you care about things that are important. Strive to be less ignorant and be more open-minded.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Fashion: Modern Man's Guide to a Vegas Spring/Summer

Spring and summer is here! Yay...?
I had just bought the biannual special issue of GQ Magazine and it was a guide on the trends and styles men can work with for Spring and Summer. All of the notable trends were covered but the biggest issue I had as I read was, "How am I supposed to layer up in this heat?"

I was trying to imagine myself with even one more layer than a single one but I personally cannot bear the summertime heat here in the Southwest. If I had to describe the weather here to anyone who might not have a clue, all I can say is that outside during the summer literally, without any exaggeration, feels like a heat lamp and winds like a hairdryer. Temperatures in the 3-digits and high nineties is quite common and therefore, if you layer up, you better have some seriously light clothing.

Where am I going with this? Basically I want to share my ideas and insights on the upcoming 2-3 months of heat we have here in Vegas which honestly, scare me. If you can do just fine or don't care all too much then that's fine. I mainly have to deal with the heat a little bit more because my car does not have air conditioning. I will try to explain the reasoning behind these articles of clothing and hopefully, we all take something from it!

Bucket Hats 
Navy Wool Bucket Hat. Light and can be tucked away easily.

These things are great. They are light weight and have a brim that can protect both the back of your neck and give you eyes some shade when it is super sunny. You can always take them off and tuck them away somewhere in your bag or even in your pockets! I have been wearing one and I apparently look like a tourist. That's alright though since tourists are common here!

Light colors and comfortable fabric.
I am extremely picky with my plaid patterns.

The thing with button-up shirts is that they are just as comfortable as a t-shirt but you have a more dressed look. This is also thanks to the fact that your shirt is clean and not wrinkled (right?). You can never really go wrong with a shirt when you go out but be mindful of your colors and patterns. If you can, try and play around with floral patterns and lively earthly colors. There are many lightweight fabrics out there like the common cotton, linen, and seersucker, that can keep you cool while looking cool as well. (Pun-tastic huh.)

Shorts | Swim Trunks
You can cuff em' too if you want a shorter length.
Can't go wrong with a floral pattern for to be in tune with the season.
Lively pattern for swimwear. Or maybe just wear these shorts where ever you want.
Hey, I love pants as much as the next guy but sometimes we just can't keep cool when it's a hundred degrees out there. Try some shorts and find some good styles and designs that will suit your taste. Fit is still something you have to note and it will make or break how you wear shorts.

Less Socks | More Style
I've had these Sebagos for about two years and they're aging quite well.
These double monks are great for where ever you're going.

As much as I love wearing quirky socks with my outfits, sometimes it's just too hot. If you can, go with no socks and it'll make your shoes stand out more. I personally am going less with sporty sneakers and more into boat shoes and will be venturing into shopping for a pair of loafers. That's at least what I want to go for, dressy-ish but comfortable. Comfort really is a big thing with most men or anyone for that matter.If you really hate going sockless, like me, I would recommend buying no show socks from Journeys. I bought the women's sizes because my feet are small, and I would recommend you do the same if you have like around size 8's.

Sandals | Spartan Footwear
I'd wear these with a suit...
Brown is the new black.

While sandals are more casual and relaxed in by nature, you can pick ones that also emit sophistication. They even have camo.
At least for my peers, sandals have been something you kind of want to stay away from usually. I'm not talking about beach thong sandals anymore though. As for my shoes, I like to make them a dressy and casual hybrid and that will go for sandals as well. You want something that is leather and looks sophisticated, just like yourself (hopefully). 

Wondering where I got some of these items on the pictures? Here's the list:

Bucket Hats
  • Navy Wool Bucket Hat - Urban Outfitters
  • Pink Oxford - Gap
  • Green and Blue Shirt - Hawkings McGill, Urban Outfitters
  • Blue/Yellow Plaid Shirt - Penguin
  • White Plaid Shirt - Perry Ellis

Thursday, April 10, 2014

First Person: First Photodump

I have no training in photography whatsoever so bear with me as I learn by practice. I have extra shaky hands and I am still getting used to actually using the camera. Not much to read so thanks for looking! Give me any tips if you know any!

Shout out to my camera shy tutor though, thank you!

I was only able to take this photo because I was in prone.

I've always tried taking pictures of the sky or something so I tried it.

Waiting for a round of sushi. Playing with the light balance and ISO and shutter speed.

Tiramisu. Much bright. Such dessert.

Random photo.

If you knew me you'd know I love flowers.

Cactus, not so much.

It was quite dark here actually.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Film: Akira (1988)

1988 Promotional Poster.
I have always wondered what the deal was with Akira and I was able to finally have time and sit down and watch the film.

I wondered why the film was so critically acclaimed and has a cult following. The film was also one of the reasons anime became more popular outside of Japan and is the source of inspiration for many works today.

The film's themes were very mature because it dealt with gang violence and social issues. The film portrayed the young characters in a way that they were used to all of the strife that was going on all around them. The film was also centered around politics and the lengths people would go to towards a positive future. The overall struggle was very complex because nothing was really clear-cut good or evil.

I would have to say that the animation was indeed superb and the character and setting designs were great. Considering the film was released for a little over 25 years ago, it has grasped a good perspective of a not too distant future.

I would recommend the film for those who like animated films because Akira delivered very human themes which would really make one think. There's not too much I can say without spoiling the film so thanks for reading!