Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Event: 2/18/14 Day 2: Las Vegas (capsule), AGENDA, LIBERTY

The Boy London exhibit. Black, white, and gray.
There was no flim-flam in the beginning because the badges and wristbands grant access for all three days which is really great. For the second day of the event, I had planned to just ask a few question to any booth that caught my attention which I will have spotlight posts on those brands later on, probably in the next few days. As for the interviews in general, I found it very easy to speak with companies who were based in America. The other ones I spoke with were very nice and informative as well.
An art exhibit.
Reebok had a booth with free barber services.
There was a crowd that formed at the barber shop area because there were a handful of notable rap artists who were present at the AGENDA/(capsule)/LIBERTY event and on I could name was Rick Ross who passed by. I did not get a picture with him because he was surrounded by entourage, security and people who wanted to snap a photo of or with him. Overall the day was quite productive because of the interview questions I completed and that would be all thanks to the companies that were willing to give me their precious time. Thank for reading, more about the brands/companies soon!

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