Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Event: 2/17/14 Day 1: Las Vegas (capsule) show

 The first day of the convention was mostly for aesthetic purposes and me and my partner headed for the preregistered press desks to receive our badges. The line was not too bad but there were a lot of people who seemed to have been confused at which desk they had to collect their respective badges from. Overall, the badge acquirement was smooth for me and Mitri and we would soon go into the Ballroom.
Veja's booth. Spotlight about their company incoming.
The whole ordeal was to pretty much survey the floor of the exhibit room in which there were many different designers/manufacturers/brands that were very interesting.
Day one at the Profound Aesthetic booth.
I was actually not familiar with most of the exhibitors but one I was sure to visit was the Profound Aesthetic booth. The design that Profound Aesthetic has caught my eye in a way that to me, the balance of the classics and the use of today’s fashion trends can be found beautifully in their designs. The mixture of old and new has always sparked my interest and to incorporate it in apparel, you have Profound Aesthetic. Day one for KORONVM was just a tour to see what it was like in the (capsule) show and day two will be more organized! Thank you for reading.

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