Thursday, February 20, 2014

Event: 2/19/14 Last Day of (capsule)! Wrapping things up.

So here in the last day of the tradeshow me and my associate decided to take many pictures and do an interview of a booth here and there. I accomplished my goal of finally interviewing United By Blue which I was glad because of the environmental involvement of their company. I will actually have a post on them and on various other exhibitors just to showcase their brand and summarize briefly what they are about. The other goal was for Dimitri and I to snap more photos of the event in general just for the viewing pleasure of the followers of the blog, for all of the audience out there to see a little bit of what it was like at the show.

 "Bronx." Apparently.
Dimitri (center) along with the Profound's Steven and Kristina.

 Since Dimitri and I were fans of the Profound Aesthetic booth, he wanted to do a small dance video to showcase their brand and we were actually successful in doing that and I was very happy because it was just quite surreal that we met one of my favorite designers and got to show them appreciation and support. Their booth, among many others I will have spotlights for were some of the most approachable and friendly people there and I cannot stress that enough because some booths or exhibits were hard to approach and when we ask to take a picture of their exhibit they refused. Although, we can respect their right to refuse to photos :).

There was a table tennis area we played at.
Walking around.
The Reebok exhibit.
Overall, the show was a fun and strange first time experience. I honestly have never been in such a busy schedule; from taking pictures and asking questions for a few hours, helping out in making a video, and then coming home to moderate this blog on top of being a student and part of the working class. The experience was quite to take on at first with the setting up of the blog and with the shift from tumblr reblogs to actually writing content. People asked, "Who are you? What are you?" and now I can say we are an informative blog and it has just started and everyone has to start at some point, right? There is no shame in hard work indeed.

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