Thursday, February 27, 2014

Spotlight: KORONVM

Me, the author.
"What kind of blog is it?"
I actually didn't know how to answer this question for awhile. Personal blog was not an answer I wanted to give because in reality I didn't want to make one about me and my daily activities.

I have interests on certain things and completely at random too. Those are the things I want to write about. Actually, in fact, those are the only things I can write about because if something doesn't interest me I can produce any content about it. May it be pictures or writings, if I have an interest for it I can share it with the people that read my blog. So there you go. I really don't want to sweat personal details like things about myself and factoids like that. I want to share with everyone experiences or knowledge so that you can go out and explore it and find out about how it feels when you look into the things I like that you might also have interest in.

"What kind of blog is it?" It's an informative blog. You'll find information here about possibly anything from art, food, fashion, games, interviews, adventures and many more. Information is absorbed in an open-minded manner by me and you should do the same.

As for the blog's name, it's pronounced co-ro-nam.


  1.  A garland, chaplet or wreath; presented to athletes, the gods, or the dead.
  2.  A crown.

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