Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Spotlight: How the Cookie Crumbles

My cousin's 25th birthday was coming up quickly and I did not know what to get him as a present. He had many clothes and I really did not have time to shop for something memorable and something that he would love. I then remembered that a birthday is not a birthday without cake! Alas I had my ideal present but I cannot bake nor did I want to buy a cake off a store. So the most perfect thing is that I happen to have a good friend who loves to bake and currently needed a motivating factor so then I commissioned this cake from her:
Her blog has the details about the cake!

The name of the baker is Lauren and she actually has a blog with baking recipes and posts concerning fashion and food! She loves baking and has very high standards for herself which drives her to doing her best. Go and check her blog out if you like food in general!

Thank you for the cake Lauren, it made my cousin very happy :D.

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